Thursday, October 19, 2006

McDonalds with innovative blog initiative

Update! McDonalds actually follows this campaign up personally. This post did not qualify! Hurray for McDonalds. This might be an example of a successful blog marketing campaign!

I'm impressed. I used to go alot to McDonalds, but after the movie SuperSize me, I rarely go there. However I do love their milkshakes. I live in Stockholm, but I'm frequently in Oslo, Norway.

This picture is taken from McDonalds in Oslo, where I used to go alot.

So again, I'm not a fan of McDonalds food, but one positive aspect is the travelling aspect. Since I know McDonalds has really strict guidelines regarding their food, I always know that McDonalds serves the same food all over the world. So to me - McDonalds makes me feel safe when eating in foreign countries. Even though it's junkfood, I know that it's safe compared to those noname restaurants. You can read more about the McDonalds initiative here.(in Norwegian). An interesting part of this marketing campaign is that McDonalds is trying to stimulate the conversation by paying money to bloggers. That means that I make money for blogging about mcdonalds. They are walking on a thin line here. Bloggers might react with rage since McDonalds is trying to commecialize blogging.