Sunday, July 09, 2006

A quick guide to Google Analytics

This brief guide to Google Analytics has 4 main sections. These are:

1. Google Analytics Executive overview

This section contains import numbers from a birdseye perspective. This report should be used by the CEO, the director of Marketing and other executive that is interested in how it's going for the company website.

Quick overview
The report gives you a quick overview of how many visitors your website has in any given period. You can also see how loyal your audience is. How many people visit your site for the first time and how many people return for a second visit. If the percentage of new visitors is high, you're doing a good job in attracting new visitors to your site. This is good, but if it's too high, it means that people don't come back! It's important to see the balance of driving new visitors and getting customers to come back.

Where do my visitors live?
The executive report also provides you with a map of where your visitors are from. This can be used as a measure of which people in your marketing department are doing a good job. If you spend your entire marketing budget on marketing in the US and all your traffic originates from Japan, you should start to wonder!

What sources generate traffic?
The last part of the executive report is a report on traffic sources. This gives you an idea on what activities are generating traffic.

If alot of your traffic comes from Google, it's a sign that your search marketing personnel are doing a good job. If your main source is "Direct", it might mean that you have a strong brand and that a lot of people go directly to your site. If your traffic is fairly low, high direct traffic numbers means that you're not very well-known and you're not very visible anywhere.

If you want to drive more quality traffic to your site, you should check out Google Adwords and Overture. If you need help with this, you should check out Here's you'll find a list of people/companies that are Qualified Google Professionals in your country.

Another basic advice is to make sure your site follows Google's webmaster guidelines. This might be a technical challenge, but you should require your vendor/your IT department to abide to these guidelines. If they don't - switch vendors/personell:)

2. Google Analytics Marketing optimization

This section of Google Analytics should be used by the marketing people that want to drill down in the report details. Here you'll find information

3. Content optimization

not done yet

4. E-commerce analysis

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